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Desire: The Sacred Seed

I grew up in a theological landscape dominated by the doctrine of Original Sin. Maybe you did, too. For most of my life, I was taught some version of: At your center, there is a Jesus-shaped hole that only Jesus can fill.

This concept is so prevalent, it's not just limited to what we hear in our religious circles; it also shows up in the broader culture. My kids will confirm that pop culture is not my forte', but I do have a new hero in Lady Gaga (I'll save that for another post). In her Golden Globe award winning duet with Bradley Cooper, she sings, "Tell me something, boy, aren't you tired, tryin' to fill that void...."

I understand the appeal of this idea of a gaping void at our center. It seems to explain so much about humanity. Our insatiability. Our poor choices. Our seemingly unanchored floating.

And it may be that there is a lot of space or emptiness or darkness surrounding our core. But I reject this shame-based and fear-based theology of a void at our center. I don't think this is what the Christian scriptures or Jesus teach.

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Spiritual Practice: Walking a Labyrinth and Re-connecting to Love

As I walked the labyrinth I prayed, “What can nurture my capacity to remain in and embody Love more fully in this challenging circumstance?” Arriving at the rosette center of the labyrinth, I stepped, facing out, into each of the central six lobes. Allowing my eyes to rest on the first object in view that caught my attention ( a sort of visio divina), I let myself become curious about the wisdom each object might offer

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