Enneagram immersion: What You and the Acorn Have in Common


Are you seeing these little messengers at your feet as we cross the threshold into Autumn?

Surrendering to their own weight (not unrelated to the word glory), these crowned packages of potentiality remind us of a common pathway to transformation. In their own small and limited being, acorns hold the DNA and potential to become so much more! But their transformation requires a downward journey, downward into the stillness and darkness of the earth. Downward towards their own disintegration.

A rest and disintegration that, with the proper holding, leads into a miraculous transformation to new life. The proper holding is key. An acorn's proper holding is receptive soil, a sustained amount of time, the nurture of moisture and warmth, and a willingness to remain attentive, even in the dark, and to trust growth that roots downward, deeper into the darkness, and growth, too, that springs insistently towards the light from which it first came.

Like the acorn, our path to transformation follows this pattern. It is a trustworthy pattern, available to us season after season in Creation. It is also a pattern available to us, most profoundly, in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus.

Sadly, not all acorns receive the proper holding, and when they don't acorns wind up as food for squirrels, ammunition for siblings or friends, adornments on a desk, or the crunch beneath a pedestrian's foot.

Even more sadly, not all people receive the proper holding, either. But, unlike, acorns, the proper holding is available for us to choose. That's what my newest offering OPEN: Bringing Your Whole Self to Your Whole Life Through the Enneagram offers.

I couldn't be more excited about this 9-month immersion. And, in what I believe is a confirmation of my "highest excitement", a third of the slots have already been filled. Want to know more? Check it out here! Ready to schedule a complimentary session designed to help you discern further if this is a fit? Reply to this email, or contact me at lorilyn@soulcaresanctuaries.com.

With you,