Becoming Bread

Whatever else happens today, I want you to remember this. The very first truth about you is that, like the bread of communion, you have been seen and chosen, gathered and formed, and you are BLESSED.

And any way in which you are broken today, any disintegration which you experience, is as secondary as it is vital and is entirely held within that ORIGINAL BLESSING. It is part of the way you are in service of bringing all things to greater wholeness.

Like the bread, you are broken so that you can be dispersed, becoming food for many, more than you could ever dream possible. You are broken so that you can be taken in, bringing sustenance and strength.

Such brokenness and dispersal never lessens you, although it will often feel this way. Rather, it only expands your presence in the world. Everything that is happening to you and through you is so that you can be given. Let it happen, dear one. Accept it all. You are, like the One who formed you, bread of life.

Be at peace, and go out with joy,


Lorilyn WieringComment