My Creed


I believe in one Incarnate God, alive and pulsing,

    even expanding, through all Creation.

I believe in the Great Mystery, Christ, alive and pulsing,

    even expanding, through you and through me.

I believe you are and I am

    a temple of Sacred Wisdom

    graced to live with an open mind,

    poised for awe and trusting the primary flow of what is.

I believe you are and I am

    a sanctuary of Sacred Love

    graced to live with an open heart,

    embracing our belonging and channeling this flow

        of belonging into the world.

I believe you are and I am

    an instrument of Sacred Instinct

    graced to live with an open will,

    surrendering into the primary flow and ushering in

        new ways of being and doing for the benefit of all.

I commit to a daily awareness of this Mystery,

    Christ in me and Christ in you.

I commit to compassionate inquiry into my own patterns

    of resisting this Original Blessing.

I commit, today, to begin again.


In January of 2018, the Kiev Chamber Choir’s singing of The Creed ignited in me a desire to articulate my own exuberant expression of faith. This creed resulted.

Since then, I have recited it daily as a way of testing its truth and discovering how rooting more deeply into it might shape me.

I offer it to you here because the practice of claiming my truth each day has been transformative and I want this for you, too. Fidelity to this creed has allowed me to live in greater alignment with my truest self in God.

Coming from a tradition steeped in the doctrine of Original Sin, which is neither untrue nor fully true, I needed a corrective which would nurture my rootedness in Original Blessing, the acknowledgment that we are all made in the image and likeness of God and that our being was  pronounced not only good, but very good.

In this creed I claim again the words of my baptism as a beloved child and image-bearer of the Triune God. I claim the Beloved’s life in me as expressed through each of my centers of knowing: mind, heart, and will/gut. In the likeness of the Father (or Sophia, if you prefer), I claim my Open Mind, my temple of Sacred Wisdom. In the likeness of Jesus, I claim my Open Heart, my sanctuary of Sacred Love. In the likeness of the Spirit, I claim my Open Will, my instrument of Sacred Instinct.

This triune identity is the truest thing about me, despite my own patterns of thinking, feeling and doing which resist this truth. This triune identity is the truest thing about you, too, no matter who you are, or where you’ve been. There is nothing that can destroy this image of God-likeness in you. I believe that with all of my heart.

This creed has helped me to lean on this truth,  especially in fierce conversations or fraught relationships with others I might consider “the enemy.” Rather than preparing my thoughts, feelings, and actions as weapons, I lean on the truth of this creed and its invitation to acknowledge our shared humanity and divinity. I am then able to speak or relate from my deepest truth to theirs, in love rather than fear. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. I am sure that this is what Jesus had in mind when he spoke of the Kingdom and eternal life.

I invite you to claim your deepest truth.