Like a peasant called before a great king, when all of His court is assembled– that is how I stand before every woman and man….

I stand with humility before every creature when they call me into their court, because of your holiness, my dears.

The above quote from St. Catherine of Siena expresses perfectly the honor I experience in offering accompaniment and guidance for each person I serve. Below is what some of those individuals have to say about working with me.

Spiritual Direction with Lorilyn has helped me to increasingly re-align and live with God in the present moment. Life feels simpler and more peaceful, more gentle, less rushed, less anxious and more rich and generous as a result… I feel more like the person I am intended to be, and I feel that physically, mentally, and relationally….I feel like I haven’t grown this much spiritually, especially in a steady way, since I was a very young person—having the chance to really focus on spiritual growth is amazing. I appreciate your openeness and the way you model compassion and presence that is filled with God.

–Beverly Ryskamp

I realized I needed spiritual direction when I was going through a time of anxiety and possibility. At the beginning of spiritual direction with Lorilyn, I was facing a minor surgery and then a fertility treatment. I felt that all of it was just too much for me and that I needed support. I also wanted to be a healthier person. I wanted to learn how to better use my strengths. One of my gifts is dreams and Lorilyn helped me learn about my dreams and discern what to do with them.

One thing surprised me nearly every time I met with Lorilyn. At the beginning of a session, I would wonder if I had enough to say. Was there really enough going on in my life to meaningfully fill the hour? Then at the end of each session, I realized how fast the time had gone and how there was still so much more to learn.

Lorilyn is very good at listening well and at asking questions. She very rarely answers questions though! One of my favorite of her questions is, “When in the last week did you feel most in the flow or out of the flow of love?” This really helped me when I wasn’t sure where to start.

–Sarah Zwier

It is such a beautiful and powerful experience becoming vulnerable and opening yourself up to a spiritual director and the work of God. Lorilyn gracefully helped me slow down and listen to Gods voice within me. I have become more connected and compassionate towards myself and others. I would recommend this intentional process of meeting with a spiritual director to anyone wanting to know their trueself or has a desire to tune into the compassionate voice of God speaking from within!

–Emily Rolls

I brought to my meeting with Lorilyn a painful church experience that had left me bereft of the comfort church had always provided me. I felt desperate and angry and deeply hurt. Being met with compassion by Lorilyn, and having her share in my sorrow, was enormously healing and opened me up to gifts of healing I could not have received if she hadn’t welcomed me in all my grief.


 Working with Lorilyn has helped me live into this mantra:  At all times and in all places, where can i see God?


I first met Lorilyn in individual spiritual direction several years ago. It was new to me, yet Lorilyn made the process feel safe and immediately comfortable. I have never been in a situation where I felt so completely ‘heard’. It was very different than the counseling or therapy I had tried in the past.  I sensed that she was in prayer throughout the time we were together which was so comforting. Lorilyn listened and asked me some questions. But she didn’t just listen, she also gave me ideas and suggestions which I found helpful. 

I have also been in group spiritual direction under Lorilyn’s guidance. She is a compassionate leader, able to model the process for my various groups, some of which were very familiar with it and others which were brand new to it.

Lorilyn has become one of my spiritual mentors and I consider her my pastor in many ways. I have never met anyone like her and consider myself fortunate and blessed to have her in my life. 

–Dr. Christine Mason

About ten years ago, I was in the middle of raising two young children, working at a demanding job and just generally feeling unsettled and unhappy in my spiritual life.  I said to a friend, "I feel like I need counseling, but not about my relationships with people, but about my relationship with God!".  She said I should try meeting with a spiritual director.  I didn't even know something like this existed and it sounded perfect.  

I contacted and then met with Lorilyn both one-on-one and in group spiritual direction.  During our sessions, she was able to help me reflect and see myself the way God sees me.  She was able to help point out some places where I was stuck and some unhealthy ways I viewed my relationship with the Father.  She gave me tools and spiritual practices to help me deepen my relationship with God.  She gently nudged, reminded, reflected and showed me God's grace and love.  I am forever grateful for the time we spent together and have been able to hold on to the truths we uncovered together during out time to this day.  

–Emily G.

I began Spiritual Direction with Lorilyn Wiering at a time when I was entering my elder years which I expected would include some significant losses; however, there were also some  unexpected, personal relationship changes which left me feeling anxious and perplexed.  I was becoming afraid I was losing my sense of God’s closeness to me and I began doubting my faith.

Now, for the past eight years, after meeting with Lorilyn, I am far less anxious.  I have a restored sense of God’s nearness, and a realization that uncertainty about faith matters does not mean I have lost my faith.  This has come about slowly, helped immensely by Lorilyn’s suggestions, such as taking fresh slant on how I think about a problem, or she has suggested authors and poets I could read who have had similar problems to mine, or she has suggested a meditation-type of exercise I might want to try. 

I have so much appreciated my times of meeting with Lorilyn because of her caring and encouraging way of relating with me - always with kindness, warmth, and totally free of judgment.  Also, Lorilyn listens to me carefully, checking in with me for my agreement she has heard me correctly; she reminds me to carefully look for how God might be showing me His presence with me, in any particular situation, through my own thoughts and feelings about it, even when circumstances are bad and my thoughts and feelings are utterly negative.

Lorilyn Wiering, as my Spiritual Director, has brought me to feeling close to God again, and has helped me be more willing and able to be open to hearing the hurts and pains of others, especially those whom I love, and then of feeling a great sense of  mutual closeness with them.