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Claiming Your Original Goodness

4-part Class Series Engaging
Open Mind (FAITH), Open Heart (LOVE), Open Will (HOPE)


Sunday evenings, April 14-May 5
the Wellness Collective Studio, 6pm-7:30pm

You were created in the image of the Father/Sophia, a Temple of Sacred Wisdom,
graced to live with an Open Mind.
This is FAITH.

You were created in the image of the Son, a Sanctuary of Sacred Love,
graced to lived with an Open Heart.
This is LOVE.

You were created in the image of the Spirit, an Instrument of Sacred Instinct,
graced to live with an Open Will.
This is HOPE.

These three essential theological virtues are a participation in the very life of God, given freely to us at our very conception.

There is not a practice that has been more transformative in my own life than cultivating an ongoing conscious
connection to my own Original Goodness.

And there is nothing I want more for you!

Your Presence Matters

How connected to your own in-the-image-of-God-likeness are you? When did you last consciously connect to your goodness? Sacred living can only flow from sacred being. The art and practice of sacred living is connecting to this life within, so that you can trust it, see it and bless it in the rest of creation!

Our opening session will offer an overview and visual guide for understanding and accessing Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will. This session is FREE, and contains absolutely no obligation to continue with the series, but you must REGISTER (below) to attend.

Sessions 2-4 will explore Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will in more depth. We’ll name the primary enemies and illusions blocking our access to these centers of knowing. You’ll receive practices specifically designed to cultivate greater awareness and openness in each of these three centers. The cost of the entire series is $79.

Can’t make all four dates? Not a problem. I will be providing an audio recording of each session for those who register for the whole series.

For those of you seeking deeper integration, who are not current clients (within the last year), choose to add on 2 private 60-minute integration sessions. Series plus integration sessions is $149.

Session 1: Claiming Your Original Goodness--FREE
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4-part Series: Claiming Your Original Goodness
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