Meet Lorilyn Wiering, Spiritual Director

I am a soul care practitioner who is passionate about facilitating spiritual freedom rooted in Original Blessing, the acknowledgment that we are made in the image and likeness of God and pronounced to be not only good, but very good. I believe that this Original Blessing finds expression through Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will. Trained as a teacher, spiritual director, and Enneagram practitioner, I am at ease speaking boldly and listening deeply, always drawing on my commitment to the nurture of my own and others' Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Will.

Open Mind — or Curiosity — invites me to explore many faith traditions and practices while remaining rooted in my own Christian tradition. My commitment to embracing Mystery nurtures my faith in what is beyond sight.

Professionally, Open Heart — or Compassion — has drawn me to teach middle schoolers on the Zuni Indian Reservation, work with high-schoolers managing learning disabilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and walk alongside women surviving human trafficking and homelessness in West Michigan. In 2013 I founded the nonprofit Red Cord Community, dedicated to responding to the realities of human trafficking in Michigan. My gifts and passions soon had Red Cord also ministering to other front line advocates, offering nurture to those spiritually depleted by this work. In more recent years Red Cord has focused on soulcare for people who desire change, whether in their own heart, soul, and mind or for the world around them.

My Open Will — or Commitment — to participating in the Life that is larger than us all continues to nurture in me a spirit of surrender, following where the Spirit leads as I love and serve my community. In 2017 I was awarded a grant from the Ignite Fund of the Christian Reformed Church to host SoulFeast Circles, bi-weekly gatherings exploring and practicing Christian contemplative practice in community. In 2018 Red Cord Community was dissolved in order that I might focus my work through Soulcare Sanctuaries. No matter the context, I find inspiration from the Divine presence within others. I am passionate about cultivating even greater freedom for that life within each of us.

An avid gardener, I come alive in the presence of Nature’s rhythms, recognizing, honoring and nurturing self and others in seasons of growth, fullness, loss, death, rest, and rebirth.

I am married to Vernon, my husband of over 28 years, and am mom to our three children, Madeleine, Basil, and Reuben.

Lorilyn Wierling, Spiritual Director