OPEN: An Enneagram integration

Bringing Your Whole Self to Your Whole Life Through the Enneagram

You have more than just an inkling. You know.

Your head may be doubtful, your heart may be anxious, your gut may be fearful, but beneath all of that you know. You know that there must be a way to ground yourself, even as you free up energy to nurture your flow. 

Maybe you’ve read all about the Enneagram. Or maybe you’re familiar with Richard Rohr’s work in contemplative spirituality. You understand more than you used to, but you’re struggling to nurture the transformation you’re seeking. You want to do more than think about a transformed life, you want to live it! 

OPEN was created with you in mind. OPEN facilitates Enneagram integration, allowing you to embrace your own Original Blessing and to receive, present moment by present moment, the Creator’s best gift to you: your own unfolding life. 

Through 1:1 private coaching with me, you will learn to meet life with an open mind, open heart and open will, as you start to understand your go-to habits for closing your mind, heart and will.

OPEN is not about mere achievement or self-improvement. It’s about cultivating compassionate inquiry into your own patterns of resisting this Original Blessing and softening your defenses. Such awareness — when met with your good intention, committed practice and God’s surprising grace — can bring the transformation you haven’t yet given up on.

And this program is personalized to work with your schedule, your needs and your capacity. You determine how often you’d like to meet, what content is most important to you and for what duration you’d like to commit. Together, we’ll engage such tools as spiritual direction, contemplative practice, the Enneagram, and body awareness. You’ll receive personalized support to

    •Live in alignment with your true self

    •Nurture that same alignment with true self in the people you care for

    •Enjoy a deeper connection with Creator, self, others and creation

    •Establish a rhythm of contemplative practice that fits your personality, schedule, and goals

    •Work with your own resistance in new and transformative ways

    •Redirect energy from reactivity to spontaneity and adaptability 

    •Discern and navigate life transitions

    •Move beyond self-acceptance to self-celebration!

All of this is possible. Invite your whole self to your whole life and experience true transformation. Give yourself the gift of OPEN.

Here are some of the things I am consistently hearing from my clients based on our work together:

I always knew about God’s compassion; now I am experiencing it.

I don’t get as reactive as I used to. Now I know how to ground myself and respond from a deeper place.

It used to be so hard for me to access my heart space, but now not only can I access Love’s intelligence, I can lead from this place.

I never knew my body held so much wisdom.

Registrations are received on a rolling basis following a complimentary clarity session to discern fit. Contact me at for more information, or to schedule your complimentary session.

In a love poem to God, the great German poet Rilke writes:

I want to unfold.

Let no place in me hold itself closed,

for where I am closed, I am false.

I want to stay clear in your sight.

Isn’t this what we all want? To unfold. To open in mind, heart and will in order to meet all of life with all of who we are

It’s possible. Beneath everything else, you know this. Come. Let the unfolding begin.



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