About Soulcare Sanctuaries and Spiritual Direction

Welcome to Soulcare Sanctuaries. I’m Lorilyn Wiering. I’m a Spiritual Director in Grand Rapids, MI and I’m so glad you’re here. I invite you to join me for the most sacred pilgrimage you’ll ever make, the journey from your head to your heart, and into new life. The ancient saints and mystics tells us the heart is where the spark of God dwells. In the quiet safety of this inner sanctuary you are welcomed with compassionate Presence. Here you find courage to live into new ways of being and doing. While this is the soul’s true home, the pathway to this sanctuary easily becomes crowded and overgrown and sometimes difficult to discern. A wise guide can make all the difference.

For any pilgrimage it’s important to travel lightly. On this journey you are invited to leave behind the mind’s judgment––others’ and your own–– as well as the certainty that we can know what it’s all about.  We enter new life by stepping into Mystery and Awe.

On this journey you are invited to cast aside the heart’s illusion of separation from God, self, one another, and creation.  We enter new life by stepping into our own and everyone else’s Belonging.

And, on this journey, you are invited to drop the cumbersome and worn-out names and identities that have kept you stuck and don’t serve you or the world anymore. On this journey you can listen for your true name, and deepest identity. We enter new life by stepping into Surrender.

Whether your path calls you to individual or group spiritual direction, shared morning meditation time, Enneagram integration, retreats, service in our community, classes, Expressive Arts, soul care services, or something not yet envisioned, these three sacred steps are always the same: Mystery and Awe, Belonging, and Surrender.

I invite you to explore this space and allow Soulcare Sanctuaries accompany you on this sacred journey.